Gray Wolf
(Canis lupus)

The gray wolf is sometimes referred to as the timber wolf or simply the wolf.  It is a carnivorous species, and the ancestor of the domestic dog.  Although there are some sub-species of the wolf that are endangered, the gray wolf’s status is graded by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature as “least concern”.

Wolves live in groups called packs.  The members of the pack are usually family members, often just the parents and their offspring although wolfs who do not have a pack of their own may join an existing pack.

Wolves are carnivores and prey mostly on medium to large hoofed animals, although they will also eat rodents, insectivores and foxes.  Wolves usually stalk old or sick animals, but they do not always catch what they stalk. They may go days without food.

Wolves are found in Europe, Asia and North America. They can live in forests, deserts, mountains, tundra, and grasslands.