Ankole Cow (Watusi)
(Bos taurus)

The Ankole Cow (also called the Watusi) is a breed of cattle native to Africa.

It’s huge horns — it’s most distinctive feature — can reach up to 2.4m (8 feet) from tip to tip.  Ankole-Watusis weigh from 410 to 730 kg (900 to 1,600 pounds).

Ankole Cows live in the savannas and open grasslands of Africa.  Their diet consists of grass and leaves.

In a herd, during the day, the calves sleep together with a nearby adult supervising.  At night all the members of the herd sleeps together with the calves in the center of the group for protection. The horns of the adults serve as a formidable weapon against anyone who would be foolish enough to disturb them.

Two Ankole-Watusi individuals are world record holders in the Guinness World Book of Records for the largest horn circumferences for a bull and steer respectively.  The bull had horns which measured 103.5 cm (almost 41 inches) around.  The steer had horns measuring 95 cm (37 inches) in circumference.

Our Ankole Cow “Bullseye” is easy to spot in our African Yard.  While his horns are nowhere near a world record, you can easily spot his horns even if he’s napping in the back of the yard or behind another animal.