Law of the Jungle is a unique program designed for executive teams. A one day event, teams spend the day at the zoo and learn the basic science behind animal training as well as work together as a team to accomplish specific goals.

A Day at the Zoo

The day begins at 9.00am in the AnimaTheater, a large indoor arena used to stage performances, film, TV and video. In the morning session, team members will learn the basics of:

  • positive reinforcement
  • building trust
  • working as a team

Working with horses, camels and other animals, the team will learn the subtle nuances to these aspects of training that make a huge difference. Lots of coffee and snacks. A break at 10:15 am.


mike horses A

Michael, the zoo owner and head trainer, demonstrates basic principles with two horses in the AnimaTheater.


The “clicker.” The key to positive reinforcement.


Having worked up an appetite, lunch.



Team plays with baby lion named Athena. No one plays with the big lions!

The afternoon is spent behind-the-scenes at the zoo. Here participants will play with young cats, lemurs, and other exotic animals and tour the Wild Woods where the zoo’s wolves and big cats live.


Medullan Software Team on Expedition Predator

After returning to the hotel to clean up and change, the group has a private dinner together at a local gourmet restaurant.


What does it cost?

The price for a team of up to 12 participants in $25,000. Additional participants (up to three more, a total of 15 max) can be added for $1,000 each. 50% down is required to book and hold a date (refundable up to 4 weeks before date, then non-refundable).

The price is all-inclusive, except for travel to and from the zoo. The price includes:

  • Hotel (2 nights, single rooms for all participants)
  • Meals
  • Zoo shirts (one each)
  • Coffee, snacks, water, etc.
  • A full day with Michael Hackenberger, the zoo owner and one of the world’s top animal trainers.
  • A full team of zoo staff who make everything work perfectly (well, they will try).
  • Photos of each team member interacting with the animals and a video of the tug-of-war.

All you have to do is show up, we do the rest.



Medullan Team with young tiger Butch.


Is it Dangerous?

No. If it were dangerous we wouldn’t do it. You will be with professional trainers at all times, and at no time will you be eaten by a lion. It’s really no more dangerous that staying at work where you might trip on a network cable or spill your coffee in your lap. But it’s a lot more fun. It’s our job to make sure you have fun, learn, and return safely to your place of business.


Available Dates

Dates are available in September and October.



The Bowmanville Zoo is located in Bowmanville, Ontario, about an hour east of Toronto, just off the 401. You will stay in a new hotel (Holiday Inn) located about 5 minutes away (click here to see hotel). You will need vehicles to get to and from the zoo (and to and from dinner at the end of the day).

It is essential you stay in Bowmanville the night before (your hotel for the night before is included in the package price), so that we can begin promptly at 9am.

We recommend you stay over the next night as well (also included in price and not refundable if you elect not to stay), so that you can enjoy the team dinner without driving late at night after a full day at the zoo.


Want to know more?

We can answer all your questions. Please call us at (905) 623-5655 and indicate you are interested in the Law of the Jungle program. One of our senior staff will get back to you quickly. Or fill this form out to get started.

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