The Call of the Wild program at Bowmanville Zoo is designed to take executive teams to the next level. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to learn, work together, and have fun — all at the same time.

Teams (up to fifteen people) spend a day ‘behind the scenes’ at the zoo where they learn how the professionals train lions, elephants, horses, baboons, and many other animals. The Zoo is famous for its inhabitants – many are movie stars. Jonas, a Siberian tiger trained at the zoo, starred in The Life of Pi (much of this movie is CGI, but there are many scenes that feature real tigers, Jonas one of them). Other animals at the Zoo, including lemurs, wolves and camels, have appeared in Disney movies, TV commercials, and documentaries by Animal Planet, National Geographic and others. (Click here to see a detailed curriculum vitae.)

The goal is to teach the basics of behavioral science, including the importance of positive reinforcement, trust, and team work – and how these techniques apply in the business world as well as at the Zoo.

At no time are participants in danger. The Bowmanville Zoo follows all CAZA** protocols to ensure the safety and welfare of visitors, staff and animals.

The Program

The program is one day. The morning spent in the AnimaTheater learning training techniques, the afternoon is spent outside with a variety of animals.*
Lunch is provided and a dinner is held at the end of the day so team members can talk with the zoo staff, share experiences, and discuss how what they learned applies to work.

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