Here are some frequently asked questions about school and daycare group visits that will hopefully be answered below.


1: How much will it cost to bring my group to the Bowmanville Zoo?

All of our prices can be found here!

2: I’m a little confused about how to pay. Could you please explain?

When visiting as a group, we prefer one person to come to admission with one lump payment for the group. This can be cash, cheque, debit, visa or mastercard. After you have paid, you will receive wristbands to identify everyone as being a part of the same group. If any adult volunteers who are joining pay as part of the lump payment, they will pay the same amount as the children for admission. However, should an adult volunteer pay separately from your group payment, they must pay the full admission price.

3: What is your raindate policy?

Should you choose not to come on your chosen date due to forecasted rain, simply call us and let us know that you will not be coming. At that time, you may reschedule your visit for another day.

4: How does parking work at the zoo?

Parking at the zoo is free. We have a large lot, no need to worry!

5: I started to fill out the booking form and I don’t have a solid list of numbers right now. What should I do?

Don’t worry if you don’t know your exact numbers yet! We just need an estimate of your numbers, so we can be sure we’re properly staffed for the day. We’ll be sending you an email about two weeks before your visit asking you for finalized numbers.

6: Will my group be the only group at the zoo for the day I’ve booked?

It is possible that your group will be the only group at the zoo. However, since the zoo is such a popular destination for groups, it is likely that there will be other groups here. However, each school, daycamp or daycare will receive different colour wristbands to differentiate between each group.

7: How do I know if the date I want is available?

If you put down your preferred date on your booking form, you will get an email confirming whether that date is available or if you will need to choose an alternate date.

8: I’m bringing a very large group. Is that okay?

Absolutely! Our zoo is 42 acres, and our Animatheater can seat over 400 people, so large groups are not a problem for us!

9: What is the adult to child ratio you require at the zoo?

We require a 1:5 adult to child ratio for visiting groups.

10: My group would love to use the Splash Pad. When does it open?

Our Splash Pad opens on July 1st!

11: Is there any chance that we can feed animals during our visit?

Yes! You can buy Monkey Chow from the Gift Shop to feed to the animals for $2 a bag. We ask that you don’t feed our animals food from home. We know that it’s hard to say no to our lovely animals, but some foods from home are not good for them. We appreciate your cooperation.

12: Speaking of feeding animals, can we bring in packed lunches and is there a place we can sit down to eat? 

You can absolutely bring a packed lunch! We just ask that you don’t bring in any plastics like saran wrap or plastic straws. We don’t want it to blow away into an animal enclosure and risk our animals eating it.

We have a picnic area and a restaurant that you can use if you choose to. Please mark it on your booking form that you would like to use it so we can ensure there will be space for you.

13: Is there food we can buy at the zoo?

Yes! You can buy food at the restaurant if you choose to do so.

14: Is there a gift shop?

Yes, we have a lovely gift shop by the entrance to the Zoo.