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All guests must pay the school and the Contact Person should come into the Gift Shop to make a single payment and collect the wristbands for your group to identify that you have reserved Animatheatre show section of seats, animal rides etc.

We need the number of students, teachers (includes education assistants) and volunteers so we can ensure all amenities are adequately staffed. You will be asked to confirm final numbers a few days before your visit.

Teachers and Education assistants are admitted free of charge.

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Will you be using our Picnic Area? We want to make sure we have room for your group.
Will you be using our Restaurant? We want to be sure we're staffed and ready to make your lunch on your visit.
Interested in Camel Rides? Let us know so we can make sure they are ready for you. They're *$5.00 per person paid in cash at admission of the day of your visit. We need a signed permission form from parents sent out ahead of visit.

Would you like Camel Rides?
How many Camel Rides would you like?
What day would you like to visit? Please note school visits are beginning May 18th onwards.
What time would you like to start your day at the Zoo? 10:00am11:00am12:00pm1:00pm
Animatheatre shows do not normally run during the week days in May and June so we need to know which time would be preferable.

What show time would you like to reserve? 11:00am1:00pm