Life Systems – Focusing on Animals
(plants only as related to animal needs)

Grade 2 – Growth and Changes in Animals

  1. Patterns (good math link) of growth and change (Compare in diff. animals/w/self)
  2. Observing changes in different types of animals
  3. Conditions needed to support healthy development in an animal

Tech. – 1) compare changes in animals with changes in humans
(Project Wild!)
Overall Expectations:

  1. Understanding similarities/differences among various types of animals and the ways in which animals adapt to different environmental conditions.
  2. Investigate physical and behavioural characteristics, (process of growth in different types of animals).
  3. ID ways in which humans can affect other animals. (Endangered Species link / Canadian Wildlife, World Wildlife Canada…)



1.  Monarch release program to aid a local endangered species, plant milkweed too, (sp.exp.).  (Kits avail. for classroom – butterfly resource list) Science
(Monarch rearing in classroom, planting milkweed at zoo and releasing butterflies at zoo.  (Timing of caterpillar/plants crucial, would have to work with zoo for set days to visit.)  – GREAT press on this one, preserving local endangered species, fighting climate change, restoring natural flora and fauna, working with local schools and students in education, working with community to strengthen ties and loyalties to the zoo. )
2.  Adopt an endangered species through WWF Can. or projects.
3.  Discover a new species (give list of pictures to students, with no info., that correspond to animals at the zoo, at least enough ind. to give each student a unique creature)!!!  Describe characteristics, needs/habitat, name it (as if never had a name before), create sign for it, etc. (Looking for scientific language…)  Create booklet to be filled out before and during zoo visit.


1. Chart a bunch of different types of animals to illustrate their patterns of growth and change. (i.e. snake, fish and birds all start with an egg, hatch, grow features, become adults…)

  1. Math expectations…

2. Create grid map of seasonal change in native species.

  1. Math expectations…


1.  Research an endangered species.  Write about why it is endangered and how we can help it to survive.

  1. Language expectations…

2.  4 page life cycle of animal of choice.  Illustrate, label and write characteristics of each stage.

  1. Language expectations…

Science/Phys. Ed.

1.  Seasonal appreciation games, Tarmigan legs, Clothing game. (Project Wild)

  1. phys. ed. expectations…

2.  Endangered games. (Project Wild)

  1. phys. ed. expectations…


  1. Clicker Game to learn about animal behaviours and training.
  1. Arts expectations…


Observation Sheets Gr.2
(Copying and altering permitted and encouraged to suit your needs.)

Student Name and Date:


What kind of animal is it:

How many animals are there:

Draw a picture of the animal’s home with labels:





Write observations and draw a picture: