The Cubs Smell A Contest

Our lion cubs are always engaging each other in playful contests of strength. The word going around the zoo is that there may be a contest for our fans coming at the end of the week. What do you think it is? Stay tuned for more details.

Find The Predator

Our curator Stefanie would like to know how many of our fans can spot the predator in this picture.

Our curator would like to know if you can spot the predator in this picture.

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Inspiration For Your Weekend Workout

Here’s some inspiration for your weekend workout. Bowmanville Zoo style.

Work out buddies #bowmanvillezoo

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Frieda And Her Toys

Some weeks when Friday rolls around you need that extra little push to get you to the weekend. Your “Daily Dose Of Aww” if you will.

This is Frieda our African lion cub with a couple of her favourite toys. Giving our cubs things to play with not only provides enrichment to them, but as you can see Frieda loves to snuggle with them too when she takes one of her (many) cat naps throughout the day. When we first offered the snow leopard stuffy to Frieda, it was bigger than she was. As you can see, that has changed in rather short order.

Have a great weekend from Frieda, Congo, Aslan, Roman, and everyone at the Bowmanville Zoo.


The Robbie Cam

Have you ever wanted to be a Bengal tiger and experience the world at their level? A short time ago our friends and colleagues at MTKS Adventures made it happen, and put together this short montage video.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado…

The Robbie Cam.